“The $220 Chicken” Or Our Experiences at a 3-Star Michelin: Paul Bocuse

Actually, it was a friend who talked us into going. We read all the reviews, talked to the guide. All of them pointed us to many other gastronomic delights in Lyon. But he said, “How often in life will you get the opportunity to go to a 3 Star Michelin?” Admittedly, curiosity got the better of us so I emailed my reservation. Now, those who know us know we are not strangers to fine dining. We have been to most of the top restaurants in LA at least once, and have experienced many great meals at top restaurants in other parts of the US and beyond. But a 3 Star? How good could it be? When we arrived for our 8PM reservation on a Sunday night, the place was almost empty. (The crowd really picked up by 9:30.) The ambiance and the place setting was everything you would expect, extraordinarily elegant. I did find the oil painting of the the fresh-killed rabbit (a hunting picture) over our table a little disconcerting, but well, perhaps we just don’t understand the French.