The Best Sushi in LA is at a 6 person Sushi Bar You Never Heard Of: I-Naba in Manhattan Beach

To cut to the chase, yes, the sushi is better than Q, better than any pure-play sushi place in LA. Yasu san ages his fish like the best dry aged beef. The flavor and texture is remarkable. He has managed to tone down the less desirable “fishy” notes while honing in on the ideal flavors and textures. The rice is lovingly mixed w just the right amount of red vinegar to elicit earthy not too sweet essence. His sauces too are derived from thoughtful dashi blends and just the right amount of shoyu and other flavors needed to brighten the fish.Will blog later w more details. This sushi bar is flying way under the radar. 6 seats only and in Manhattan Beacb of all places. Truly the best sushi we have had this side of the Pacific.

I should also add that Yasu-san is an engaging host who is enthusiastic and knowledgeable.  He loves to answer questions and share his passion.  His fish comes from his mother’s fish restaurant business and his nori comes from his step-father who makes it in Japan which is how he is able to procure so many rare and unusual items not typically found in the US at a good price.  The restaurant has four levels of Omakase, the most expensive running $220 as of this writing. No A la Carte options.

Corkage is $3 “a glass”.

Undeveloped Anago (Eel) – A rare dish

Crab Tomalley/Brains, Halibut wrapped Hokkaido Uni, Spicy Konbu (amazing Umami)


Kusshi Oyster


Firefly Squid


Maguro from Spain

Truly delectable ground chicken in a kudzu-thickened Dashi with a turnip

No description needed

This is actually a giant octopus tentacle (Nama – raw)

22 day aged O-Toro!!  What I loved what how he tamed the fattiness into Umami flavor like I have never had before.

Kohada – Not fishy!

Kuru Amaebi (sweet shrimp)

Dashi was a combination  4 Dashi : of Katsuoboshi, Awashi, Clam, Konbu




Anago Two Ways – Shio (salt) and Tare .  Very soft, great technique

Mochi 🙂



(310) 545-3345
1300 Highland AveSte 107Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

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