Crudo Bar and Restorante in Weho. “Eh”

Soft opening this week; only open for lunch.   Three of us decided to check it out, as we love Crudo.   Sadly, it is a shame they did not actually have any on the menu.  They did have about 4 carpaccio items but were unfortunately out of one of them (the beef tartare.)  Honestly, if we did just not drive across town along with our dining companion who did the same thing, I may have just walked.  But we decided to go for it and ordered the tuna and salmon carpaccio. The salmon had so much citrus on it is was much more memorable of a ceviche than a crudo.  A shame; it was nice fatty salmon from the belly and should have been good.  The tuna was fine but not memorable.   We shared a a dreadful mushroom truffle salad. There were a few truffles shaved over the top that ...

Redondo Sushi vs Pacfic Fish – Lobster Sashimi and a View

I am really torn on how to handle this review.  Lots of extremely positive things, and but also many negative.  I will just put it out there and let you judge for yourself based on your personal priorities. 

I must preface this to say I am a regular at Pacific Fish Center and Restaurant just below them on the pier.  THey have the best dungeness crabs, lobster, fried oysters, and live shrimp I have had anywhere.  Except when they are having a bad day and I  get the occasional mushy creature.  And the service is consistently awful as well as the long wait on weekends.  And they use the most absolute cheapest disposable plates and napkins that dissolve if you look at them funny.  And they charge you corkage if you bring wine but give you plastic cups to drink it out of.  But the crab is SO good I ...

Dock’s Oyster House – Amazing Seafood and Wine List in Atlantic City

...Atlantic City is often described as horribly inadequate by foodies. The "good" restaurants are mostly Las Vegas celebrity chef outposts with a few philly extensions like Buddakan thrown in. The whole area is going through a gentrification process right now; there are Coach and Louis Vuitton stores just a few blocks from the pawn shops and payday loan stores. In three to five years, it is going to be a very different place. But for now, I needed a solid place for dinner following the food and wine expo at Bally's. I figured you can't go wrong with fresh seafood, and Dock's has been around for over 100 years so we decided to give it a shot.