Sunday Brunch: An Italian/Japanese Fusion Experience in Torrance

We've been to il Chianti before, being that it is only about a mile from our house.  Dinner has always been interesting, but generally items are hit or miss.  Not often you can get an uni pizza.  But it is a cool place, great hidden tables, counter seating, outdoor seating, lots of options.  Even a nice wine list with some good Italian options.

So it was just happenstance that we were driving out this past sunday looking for a quick meal not so out of the way, and we saw the open sign.  What the heck.  Our timing was good, they just started offering brunch in the last month.  ...

Sushi Ken: Good Quality at a Great Price in South Bay

...How'd I miss this place? Ok it is on the end of a nondescript strip mall kinda stuck behind a Cost Plus World Market, but still, what a find. Tiny place, a bit too bright, but it's about the food. Here's what you do. Bring a bottle ($10 corkage) or order the Hakkaisan ($12 for a generous "waterfall" serving.) Then order the 14 piece Omakase for $32. Yes, that's right, $32. And no, it's not for pale, tired tuna and a California roll.

Wow, Buffalo FROGS LEGS?!

No, it is not an April Fool's menu item.  It's for real, and quite tasty.  We were visiting Chez Melange in Redondo Beach the other night. We generally enjoy the "melange" of menu offerings, but this one was the "Melange-iest" one we have had in quite some time.  The succulent little froggie thighs were deep fried and smothered in a wonderfully buttery and perfectly spicy buffalo sauce.  ...