New Orleans-Style Crawfish, Crabs and Shrimp in LA!

No, not LA as in Louisiana, I mean Los Angeles!  Ok, Garden Grove, actually, but still, that is WAY closer than New Orleans.  This is "The Crawfish House." A gem of a restaurant that is completely Vietnamese owned and operated.  There are a number of similar places in the immediate area (eg Boiling Crab), but my understanding this one is one of the "quietest" with the "shortest lines."

This is a place to order authentic boiled-in-a-bag crawfish, shrimp, crab, and more all in a delightfully spicy Cajun seasoning.  ...

Yakitori Bincho…better than Shin-Sen-Gumi?

We are regulars at Shin Sen Gumi in Gardena. We have been to most of the Yakitori haunts around town, but we find ShinSenGumi by far the best. We hate that it is so loud, but appreciate the authentic tradition that is behind it. So when I read this passionate post about a new kid on the block that proports to be better than ShinSenGumi, we had to try it.

OMG Macarons from Boule are the Best Dessert Ever

uch a heavenly creation, the French Macaron.  The first time I ever had them was about 15 years ago, in Switzerland.  They were made by the confectionary Sprungli and called "Luxemburgli." They were tiny little "burgers" that would melt in your mouth with a buttery, creamy texture within a meringue like shell.  Back then, there were only a few flavor options, but each one would burst in your mouth with incredible purity of flavor.  I had to travel to Zurich a number of times on business back then, and I would make sure I always grabbed about $20 worth (which bought about a pound or so.) I had never had any dessert before or since that was so incredible.  ...