Lucques – Solid Comfort Food, Gourmet Touch

Lucques is simply a great place to go with friends to have a relaxing, uncomplicated dinner.  They have a small but thoughtful menu that offers enough variety for even your most picky companions.  Suzanne did a great Crudo; kompachi  with an authentic basil pesto dressing.  Main dishes feature comfortable options but with a gourmet twist…such as perfectly braised shortribs resting on a squash puree with pumpkin pie seasoning.  Another table favorite was an extraordinarily tender grouper served on a layer on onion-ey sauteed fennel.  Veal cheeks were a bit disappointing; the wine sauce overpowered them a bit.  The nutty farro accompaniment did pair nicely.  A pork dish was a bit dry for my taste.  For dessert, the table chose to share a plate of mixed confections (candy) for just $10.  But the highlight of the dessert…and possibly the entire meal…was the hot chocolate.  Four of us shared one small glass of ultra rich valrhona chocolate in cream with home made marshmallows.  What a delectable treat.  I would go back just for that.  Corkage was $15, which they waived as we also purchased a nice Hitching Post Pinot from the reasonably-priced options.

2 thoughts on “Lucques – Solid Comfort Food, Gourmet Touch

  1. Hi Andrea, I have a reputation for being hard to please, and Lucques was no exception, I have been there three times and was dissapointed all three, did’nt care for the room, service was very iffy all three times, I don’t remember all the food, but do remember having the short ribs and found them forgettable.

  2. Interesting.  Upon further consideration, re the shortribs, I think what made them unique for me was not the shortrib itself but the accompaniments (the squash) which added a unique flair to the dish.  The ribs were nicely braised and they were tasty, but not spectacular on their own.  But then again it is a dish that is not that challenging to prepare versus the veal cheeks we had which were not as good.  I do think they messed up the pork. But the grouper was spot on, not over- or undercooked.  Also, in our experience, we had excellent service and it was a full house. Plus, we had a corner table inside but right at the edge of the patio so it was comfortable and relatively quiet.  That plus the company of good friends really put us in a positive frame of mind as far as the food.  I am curious what happens the next time we go back. 

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