It was a tease for a month, and now its gone. (Good DimSum in SouthBay)

We love good dim sum but Alhambra/Monterey park is such a long drive we don’t go that often unless we just want to kill most of the day.  But sometimes we really get a craving, and are too busy for the trip.  For those circumstances, South Bay had two options: Sea Empress in Gardena, and Regal Palace in Lomita.  The last several times we went to Sea Empress it completely deteriorated, so we actually haven’t been there in six months.  Regal Palace was the standby. It was generally hit or miss, but there were always a few decent items for not that much money.  So we were quite surprised this past September when we stopped by and it all seemed quite different.  Many of the staff had suddenly been replaced by people we knew from PCH, another Chinese restaurant in Lomita that used to be good.  They had a new menu, and a great chef who focused on Hong Kong specialties.  The quality was at least as good if not better than the big names on the East Side.  We came back a couple more times, and then all of a sudden there was a big sign announcing that they were to be closed for a month.  Well, they reopened in December as PV Palace and today was the first day we came back.  This time, there were even more staff members from PCH, there was a new manager/owner, and the menu was completely different again.  But sadly, the dim sum was mediocre at best.  Everything was doughy, they were really pushing the deep fried stuff, there was not a lot of variety, and worst of all, the prices were insane.  The bill for the two of us was over $50, and the only “D” we had was the Chinese broccoli.  A’s started at $2.50. Potstickers (4) were a special order and were $4.  The service was great, everyone was very accommodating, and they speak very good English.  But sadly, I can no longer recommend this place.  Does anyone else know of a better dim sum place in South Bay?

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