Wine Spectator Top 100. Is it really tops?

Went to a top 100 party the other night.  Attendees were required to each bring a bottle from the top 100 list from any year.  No top 10’s showed up at the party, but there was a generous assortment from recent years. I had seen the 2007 list when it first came out and wasn’t particularly enthused when I saw it contained such gems as Yellowtail Shiraz and Rombauer Chard, both horribly over-oaked and over-extracted high-alcohol fruit bombs (IMHO). It seems that Wine Spectator is really going for the big juicy stuff.  The list had very few wines I would describe as “elegant.” THe few whites that were present on the list were huge.  The one wine I did pick up from the list, a Latour Volnay, could have passed for new world it was so big.  The disappointment of the night for me was the Alban Reba.  I have always loved Alban’s wines.  This one was such a giant wine it practically burned when I swallowed.  Probably the best wine for me that night was a Bordeaux, Château Pontet-Canet (Pauillac). I think it stood out because of its noticable refinement versus the others, but I enjoyed it nevertheless. 

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