Sushi Ken: Good Quality at a Great Price in South Bay

How’d I miss this place? Ok it is on the end of a nondescript strip mall kinda stuck behind a Cost Plus World Market, but still, what a find.  Tiny place, a bit too bright, but it’s about the food.  Here’s what you do.  Bring a bottle ($10 corkage) or order the Hakkaisan ($12 for a generous “waterfall” serving.)  Then order the 14 piece Omakase for $32.  Yes, that’s right, $32.  And no, it’s not for pale, tired tuna and a California roll.  THe chef picks 14 of the most premium fish in the shop.  He starts with a nice piece of Toro, and other selections may include Aji, Kompachi, Japanese snapper, and yes, beautifully marinated ikura and very fresh uni.  There are at least one or two obscure Japanese fishes that they cannot translate for me. 

The quality is great. Certainly not the quality of a Shibucho or Mori, but very good.  The quantity of food is also impressive.  We usually supplement with a few extras of our favorites.  Last time this included a unique marinated salmon with lots of fat bands.  So tasty!

Their hot dishes are hit and miss.  Chawan Mushi is perfect, tempura is from obviously frozen shrimp and awful.  THey have a number of off-menu items, you need to ask.  All of their soups are generally good. 

Sushi Ken

22831 Hawthorne Blvd
Torrance, CA 90505
(310) 378-9595

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