Getting Around Town. Table 8 + Taste of the Nation in Culver City

This past Friday we went with another couple to the very last night of Table 8 in their current location.  We sat at the bar and ordered everything off their lounge menu.  I finally got to try deep fried olives filled with Chorizo.  We all had the same favorite menu item: Grilled cheese with shortribs.   MMMMMM

I can’t wait until they reopen. 

Today, we went to Taste of the Nation in Culver City.  Most of the top restaurants in town were represented.  THis is a great event as these types of events go, I recommend it.  However, am I the only one who finds irony in mass glutinous eating and throwing out huge quantities of food all for the charitable cause of feeding hungry children?

But I digress.  Saw Govind Armstrong at the Table 8 booth and he recognized us. That was fun.  He indicated the new location and menu will be amazing; he was clearly very excited about it and was not looking back.  Bar Marmount was there.  We told them our story of woe with Gordon Ramsey and how we had their burger and fries for dinner.  They were highly amused.  And finally, Antonia of top chef fame was on site cooking for Foxtail.  We chatted a bit and are looking forward to checking out her restaurant soon.  (No, we did not ask her ANY top chef outcome questions.) We did see others hassling her a bit.

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