New and Improved Blue Water Grill in Redondo

Rumor had it Blue Water Grill had a new menu and perhaps a new chef.   I have always liked the venue.  Great views, big tables with a lot of room between them.  It was a good sign when I had trouble getting a Friday reservation.  They were booked solid until 8:30. 

We had a great table with both a view of the boats as well as into the open kitchen where they were grilling fish.  They opened our rose that we brought ($10 corkage.) We were very optimistic on how the evening was going to go. 

We started with the Fruits de Mer Platter.  It was described as a chilled platter of six raw oysters, four cherrystone clams on the half shell, four ponzu sashimi sea scallops. four chilled wild prawns, and a half pound of Alaskan King crab legs.  For only $39.95, this sounded like a great deal.  We had requested that they give us all Blue Point oysters, wanting to take advantage of these typically hard to get NY babies.  This caused much confusion in the kitchen, but they eventually told us they straightened it out.

The dish came out nicely presented on two stacked platters with lots of ice.  Accompaniments were a great cocktail sauce topped with chopped horseradish and a nice mignonette that contained bits of sweet onion and was perfectly biting. 

We quickly saw they did not give us all blue points, but decided to just let it go.   In order from best to worst:  The cherrystones were beautiful.  Great salinity, perfect texture.  Extremely fresh.  The king crab was tender with great flavor.  I am not sure if it was acquired fresh and not frozen, but it tasted that way.  The prawns were firm, crunchy, and delicate in flavor.  The oysters actually disappointed.  A bit too fishy, not as fresh as I would have liked.  But being that (some of them) were shipped from NY and we are in a month without an R, I guess I should not complain.  BUt I have had better oysters in the last two weeks at both Anisette and Chez Melange, so I do think they could have done better.  The scallops themselves were very nice. THey were served in scallop shells swimming in ponzu and seaweed salad.  I thought the very dark brown ponzu they used kinda had an unappetizing appearance.  And the seaweed salad was too sweet and overpowered the delicate scallop.  It didn’t work. 

We continued with more clams (mmm) and then “snacked” on a few other dishes.  My favorite dish there has always been the bucket of clams (Steamer pot of manilla clams with white wine, garlic, and butter).  They have incredible sour dough bread.  Served warm, it has a crackly crust and a soft, sour center that tastes incredible dipped in the clam broth.  Great value for $15.25.

Manhattan clam chowder (supposedly homemade) was lousy.  Bland, too much celery, only flakes of clam. 

The arugula and atlantic red crab salad was ok, nothing remarkable about it.

We did not get to try any of the cooked fish dishes, but we do want to go back and try them soon.

665 North Harbor Drive
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
Tel: (310) 318-FISH (3474)
Fax: (310) 374-9424

Mon-Thurs 11.30am – 10pm
Fri – Sat 11.30am – 11pm
Sun 10am – 10pm

2 thoughts on “New and Improved Blue Water Grill in Redondo

  1. Just had lunch at Blue water grill, part of our regular schedule, about once a month. In my opinion they have the best ciappino in town, (only complaint is the shredded crab spread on top,would rather have a few pieces of lump crabmeat) the sauce is unbeatable, and insures you will eat more of the great sourdough bread than you intended to. Plenty of shrimp, big pieces of fish, clams,mussels,and several big scollops, all very good. I have to disagree about the clam chowder, I always get the white version, and it is great. Connie always gets breaded shrimp, and it is her favorite place to get it.

  2. We just went to the Blue Water for lunch Yesterday, and it was great! We go about once a month, and like you said they view and the boats, make a great ambiance. In my opinion they make the best ciappino in town, the sauce is what makes Ciappino, and theirs insures you will eat more than you intened of their great hot sour dough bread. The stew has shrimp,scollops,mussels,clams,and big pieces of fish along with some veggies. Connie had the fried shrimp, which she has had about 10 times, and it is consistently good.

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