Is Little India Worth the Trip?

After years of drive throughs on the way to concerts in Cerritos, we finally committed to stopping in Little India for dinner.  After much consternation, we finally decided on The India Restaurant.   Foreshadowing:  Chowhounds warned us to stick with Southern Indian Vegetarian places.  But we wanted chicken.  Our mistake.

The menu

Karahi Chicken
Boneless Chicken cooking in the juice of garlic, ginger, and tomatoes.  A recipe from the mountain

Chicken Palak
Tender pieces of chicken cooked with special spices, served with creamy spinach curry

Keema Aloo

Ground Lamb and sauteed potatos cooked in mild or hot spices, with ginger, garlic, tomato and cilantro

Vegetable Madras
Sauteed Vegetables and Paneer cooked with ginger and coconut sauce

Disco Naan
Naan with onion, garlic, cilantro, other spices

Yogurt salad with cucumbers, tomato, and potato

The Good:

  • Entrees came with rice.  While this was common back East, I rarely see this in LA.
  • The chicken was exceptionally tender and moist
  • Corkage was only $7  (Good thing, as their list was basically Albertson’s specials)

And the not so Good:

  • I don’t think I ever had Raita made with potatoes.  Kinda bland. Very small portion, also
  • lamb was gamey and I think added to the sauce after it was cooked, as you could not taste the meat juices in the dish.  THis was our least favorite.
  • vegetable korma was all sauce, very heavy, 

Dessert: The Saffron Spot – Amazing Saffron Ice Cream, Very Much Recommended

All in all, we learned that if we want non-vegetarian then we need to stick to the plethora of delightful places in other parts of LA. 

The India Restaurant
17824 Pioneer Blvd

(562) 860-5621

Saffron Spot
18744 Pioneer Boulevard
Artesia, CA 90701
Phone : 562-809-4554

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