Sushi Kanesaka, Ginza, (Tokyo) Japan

Two-Star Michelin

May 18th, 2014

Our first two star Michelin sushi restaurant. Honestly I was quite confused when I heard a sushi place could be considered two Michelin stars. But we were impressed. Was it more expensive than top places in LA? Yes except for urasawa. Was it better? Hmmm. The place only seats 10. Service was perfect. Rice was some of the best I have had. And we had a few items that we considered the best version we ever had, such as the Hokkaido crab and the anago (eel). And there were a few items that we never had before- exotic and tasty, especially two clams. But No, I don’t think it was “better” than places like shunji or Q. Maybe Mori. Pictured is the chef showing off his amazing knife skills on some tamago.

During dinner Chef Sanpei-San showed us a fun trick at the sushi bar. If you rub this previously flat clam (ark clam of some sort) in the right way it shows it’s appreciation. Can’t make this stuff up…




Chef was careful to demonstrate the clam standing at attention after he gave it some love.



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