Kuwano Sushi, Tokyo, Japan

1 Michelin Star

May 19th, 2014

Last night tried a place recommended to us by yoshi-San of Mori sushi. ( chef was his teacher) A tiny tiny place w only 8 seats. 1 Michelin star. Major contrast vs Kaneska- similar fish but so much more intricate seasonings and flavors. Omakase was more Kaiseki than sushi. Really amazing intimate experience. Customers super friendly as well- this guy in the photo kept buying us champagne, burgundy, and sake while we complimented the very pretty and much much younger lady who was with him. This explains why we have far fewer pictures of this extraordinary meal than many others.

Bite of the day was the ankimo that was steamed and roasted and infused w dashi and sake flavors. Much more custard-ey than typical with an interesting skin.




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