Nihon Ryori Ryugin, Tokyo, Japan

3 Star Michelin

June 1st, 2014

Nihon Ryori Ryugin – 3 star Michelin, #33 on top 50 restaurants in the world. Finally, I am happy to report that this time, I agree. 🙂 This was definitely by far our best meal of the trip. In common with the other Kaiseki dinners we had, their approach was again to use food and presentation to show harmony with nature, with the seasons, with art. Everything was brilliantly executed and delicious, service was impeccable. If you go to Tokyo and only want to pick one high-end dinner, I think this is the one. As an aside, this is the first and only restaurant I have ever seen to offer tea pairings. They were all house blends and home brewed, served in wine bottles and wine glasses. The pairings were brilliant.


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