Touring Wajima in the Noto Peninsula

Went on an amazing foodie-driven tour of Wajima in the Noto Peninsula. The Noto Peninsula is a rural, beautiful, unspoiled landscape of natural wonders and unique and special food.  Our amazing guide Mika took us to see the Wajima fish market for sashimi breakfast. True to the reputation, it was completely “manned” by women.  The men were home sleeping or watching the game or whatnot.  Then we explored Senmaida rice fields and made our way over to a salt farm dating back many generations where we blended our own salts. We also got to forage our own Kaga mountain vegetables with help of a local expert. Then we gave them to a local celebrity chef who Tempura’d them and served them to us around a traditional hearth. That was probably the best tempura I have ever had, and I have been to several 2 and 3 start Michelin Tempura restaurants.  I could learn to like vegetarian meals after that one. Finally, we did some Sake tasting with a locally famous Toji sake master at his family’s brewery and tasted a Koshu (aged) Sake that was his age – 30. Finally,  we were delighted by surprise viewing of some of the best Sakura we saw on the trip. It was a really special and delicious day. If you want to hire Mika (and you should!) please PM me and I will introduce you.


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