Introduction to my foodie blog

So here is a bit about my attitude towards foodie travels:

  • I think nothing of driving an hour or more to check out a restaurant.  Even on a weeknight! (Besides, with such limited options for an excellent foodie experience in South Bay, I have no choice)
  • I enjoy regularly keeping up with all the restaurant trends, with sources such as Chowhound, EaterLa, Gayot, LA Times, LA Magazine, Yelp, and maybe even that blog from that guy who eats all the weird stuff.  And I watch all the food reality TV shows.
  • Just because the restaurant is expensive doesn’t make it good. 
  • Just because the restaurant is cheap doesn’t make it bad.  I love finding that cool hole in the wall.  Better yet if no one speaks English and they don’t charge you corkage.  Bonus points if they serve unusual creatures or parts thereof.
  • I like to bring good wine (from my personal collection, not the local market) to restaurants and pay the corkage. 
  • I organize vacations around dining experiences, not the other way around. 
  • I love dinner parties – giving them, going to them, or both.  I define a good dinner party as sitting down and eating many interesting courses over the entire evening.  Maybe someone brought a DVD but we never seem to get to that, too busy eating, drinking, and enjoying scintillating conversation.

If you identify with any or all of the above, check back often for some unique commentary, and please share yours as well.  Or shoot me an email if you would ever like to join me for a foodie travel adventure. 

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