5 thoughts on “Moto in Chicago

  1. Andrea, enjoyed all the articles, have you ever been to Tru in Chicago? They serve unusual serving dishes, one shrimp cocktail was in a bowl set into another clear bowl with a live goldfish swimming in it. Cheers, Jerry

  2. No, never been.  I actually have not experienced Goldfish sashimi like that, what a great concept.  Was it tasty? Goldfish are like baby Koi, right? Which I think are similar to carp.  So it must have tasted like Gefilte fish. You will have to let me know.   

  3. We we were foodietraveler last year for her birthday at Moto. Chicago was a fun adventure. Moto was a pathetic excuse for a science lab cum entertainment venue. The waiter was a poseur; the “food” consisted of a series of experiments that remotely resembled food and were marginally edible if at all. There are so many amazing restaurants in Chicago, traditional, contemporary, creative. Why waste a night on a food lab and pay for service with an attitude that told the guests, “you don’t get it”. If you enjoy Moto, you don’t get cuisine!

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