Experiments with Fish

I was in Marukai last night looking for dinner inspiration. I usually tend to go for the raw fish for some kind of sushi concoction, but then my eye caught some shiny pink-tinged Dover Sole Filets.  I have never cooked Dover Sole.  Hell, I am not sure I ever even had it in a restaurant.  THe closest thing I had was the overcooked frozen flounder fillets baked on a cookie sheet that my mother used to make.  *shiver*  But they just looked so succulent, i figured I would give it a shot.  I took them home, sprinked them with some flaked sea salt, lightly floured them, then sauteed them in butter with some saffron until a just a little bit brown with a tad of crisp.  THen I made a kinda modified beurre blanc with more butter, more saffron, meyer lemon juice, and a bit of mirin instead of white wine.  That was because I was pairing it with a 2001 J Pinot and did not want to open a white just for the sauce.  I served the fish along side some snow pea leaves and asparagus stir fried in ginger, garlic, and olive oil.  Well, in the end I was very proud of how it came out.  And now I can add another fish to my repertoire.

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