The Bestest Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels EVER

We recently have discovered the joy that is sea-salt caramels.  But not until this past valentine’s day have we had any this amazing.  I purchased them from Bristol Farms; the company that makes them is called Moonstruck Chocolates out of Portland, OR.  There was an assortment, but by far our favorite was called a Cajeta Caramel.  I had to look this up, as I never had heard of it before.  I learned that caramel is made by cooking sugar very slowly and cajeta is made by cooking sweetened milk very slowly.  The end result was incredible.  These little gems came enrobed in a rich, dark chocolate.  Inside was a liquid caramel that was at once creamy, molten, and milky, with just the right touch of sea-saltiness. It had a viscosity similar to the liquid around a cherry cordial, but yet possessed the “goo-iness” inherent in a well-made caramel.  Overall, it was a delightful experience and I recommend you try them the next time you want a tasty treat.

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