OMG Macarons from Boule are the Best Dessert Ever

Such a heavenly creation, the French Macaron.  The first time I ever had them was about 15 years ago, in Switzerland.  They were made by the confectionary Sprungli and called “Luxemburgli.” They were tiny little “burgers” that would melt in your mouth with a buttery, creamy texture within a meringue like shell.  Back then, there were only a few flavor options, but each one would burst in your mouth with incredible purity of flavor.  I had to travel to Zurich a number of times on business back then, and I would make sure I always grabbed about $20 worth (which bought about a pound or so.) I had never had any dessert before or since that was so incredible. 

I have been seeking out these little divine delights ever since.  And I have found cheap copies in various patisseries and bakeries in different parts of the country.  I was able to of course get them in France, and there are even a few places in CA that carry something that at least looks like them.  The Ferry Market in SF, Jin Patisserie in Venice, the french cafe ( I forget the name) on Montana in SM.  While the ones in France (Lyon) were superb, the ones I have had in this country were good, but fairly forgettable. 

That is until I finally got to Boule.  Backstory: We had an appointment for Thai massages at this great place in Hollywood.  At least we thought we did until we found out they put us down for the wrong day.  So there we were across town and suddenly had a lot of time on our hands.  I remembered the last three times I had tried to go to Boule it was always closed.  Not this time!  Now I would finally get to try their famous macarons.  Derek the store clerk was very helpful as he walked us through all the options.  We actually decided to try 2 of almost every flavor. I decided to skip the rose and the coffee. 

Pictured below is our treasure.  Well, all but the coconut.  We had those at the bakery.   The other flavors below include mango, coconut, pistacio, chocolate, raspberry, fleur del sol, chocolate truffle (with truffle oil), and pecan praline.  I wish I could tell you my favorite, but each one was truly as good as the last.  THey possessed a purity of flavor, a mixture of smooth, flaky, creamy textures, and amazing mouth feel.  The fruit flavors also had a layer of gel with an intense fruit infusion.  The dark chocolate truffle had more truffle oil flavor than truffle courses I have had at restaurants.  These little guys are like the best of pie and pastry combined.  I would rather have these than any other dessert.  BTW, I wasn’t sure about the Meyer lemon and Derek comped us one.  I did not care for it as I do not like Lemon Meringue pie.  If you like lemon pie, you would love this flavor. 

I passionately recommend these little delights.  It’s worth the trip to West Hollywood!!  (Oh they have lots of other tasty breads, chocolates, gelato, pastry, etc.  But get the Macrons! ($2-$2.50 each)

macaron at boule

Boule, L.A.’s Modern Patisserie
Where style and (sweet) substance meet
408 N. La Cienega Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Monday through Saturday: 9:00am – 7:00pm
Sunday: 12:00pm – 6:00pm
Tel: (310) 289-9977
Fax: (310) 289-3567

2 thoughts on “OMG Macarons from Boule are the Best Dessert Ever

  1. I have to agree that this place has really tasty macarons. I just wish they carried the flavors you would normally find in say Galleries Lafayette or Le Bon Marche in Paris. Their French baguette is extraordinary. It reminded me of the baguette’s I had in Paris. Also the Fleur de Sel caramel chocolate is a crowd favorite and one of mine also. Only downside is they do not post their business hours and it’s always hard to tell when they open and close.

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