Crudo Bar and Restorante in Weho. “Eh”

Soft opening this week; only open for lunch.   Three of us decided to check it out, as we love Crudo.   Sadly, it is a shame they did not actually have any on the menu.  They did have about 4 carpaccio items but were unfortunately out of one of them (the beef tartare.)  Honestly, if we did just not drive across town along with our dining companion who did the same thing, I may have just walked.  But we decided to go for it and ordered the tuna and salmon carpaccio. The salmon had so much citrus on it is was much more memorable of a ceviche than a crudo.  A shame; it was nice fatty salmon from the belly and should have been good.  The tuna was fine but not memorable.   We shared a a dreadful mushroom truffle salad. There were a few truffles shaved over the top that had no taste at all; and the dressing was missing.  THe pecorino cheese was the only source of flavor.  I ordered a shellfish soup that came with a few shrimp, clams, and green lip mussels.  THe soup lacked seasoning but was nice.  THe shellfish was prepared ok.  It is good that I liked the shellfish as the exact same items showed up in the shellfish risotto I got as a main.  Clearly they precook these items identically and add them to their shellfish menu items to order.  My companions ordered a fettucini scaligere (chick peas and pancetta) and a pretty ordinary ciabatta panini.   We each had 2 glasses of wine by the glass (VERY limited wine options) and shared two scoops of gelato.  Before tip, total came to $136 for three.  Not worth it.

Maybe they will get better.  I think they they just messed up some of the items we got as far as over and under seasoning them.  While we dined al fresco on the beautiful patio, we saw they were in  process of setting up a beautiful “crudo bar” inside of the restaurant.  I would love to have actually tried some. 

Crudo Bar Ristorante

8570 W Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 289-1131

One thought on “Crudo Bar and Restorante in Weho. “Eh”

  1. Definitely avoid the gelato. We ordered one scoop of pistachio, and one coconut. We were told that the gelato was made fresh at the restaurant. Both flavors had a consistency of ice cream that was defrosted and refrozen again. The coconut had huge chuncks of chocolate throughout. As Andrea and anyone else who knows me, I love chocolate. However, we were never told that there was chocolate in it. I have never had coconut gelato or ice cream with chocolate chunks. We could barely taste the coconut. The chocolate was so overpowering that it was as if they were trying to hide the coconut. As far as price, very little bang for the buck!

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