Red Fort – Serious Indian in Torrance

I think the best way of explaining Red Fort is to explain what it is not.  It does not resemble Addis Tandoor (probably their stiffest competition in the area) in any way.  To my palette, Addi’s flavors are flat. I found the items under-seasoned (no, I do not mean not spicy enough) and “Americanized.” Kinda like going to HurryCurry for asian curry, or perhaps Fusion Sushi for sushi.  Or Gyu Kaku for Korean BBQ.  Or PF Chang’s for Chinese.  Or Macaroni Grill for Italian.  Get the idea? None of these places are particularly bad (ok maybe PF Changs being a notable exception) but they are certainly americanized and not authentic. 

Kuldip Singh is the Sikh owner/manager.  He goes out of his way to make the restaurant a friendly/welcoming place, and is extremely interested in honest feedback.  He loves to chat and is a joy to talk to.  We have been there a few times since he reopened, and it keeps getting better and better.  The food has a genuine authenticity in the flavor and presentation.  They offer many unique options not typically found on indian menus in LA.  That said, the old standbys are also great.  He has a great made-to-order herb and veggie naan that is not on the menu.  A Tandoori king prawn entree was succulent and moist.  Chicken Saag had huge, juicy pieces of both white and dark meat chicken in a thick, chunky  spinach sauce that was not all cream and butter like what I usually get.   Chicken Korma is classic – and they actually made it a bit spicy for us. 

My prediction is that this place will soon have a cult following.  Actually, after observing the plethora of great reviews for this place on Yelp, they might already have achieved this goal.

Stop by, bring a nice syrah or order one of the Indian beers.  You won’t regret it.   However, I will say you should skip the buffet, at least for now. 

Red Fort Indian Culture Cuisine

22231 Palos Verdes Blvd

(310) 316-8500

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