A secret source for great Spanish Ingredients

Quintessinal spring dish:  Fresh Fava bean, Asparagus,
and Arugula Salad with Shaved Cheese, Plus a secret source for great Spanish

 This kind of dish is what makes me love California –
not just the flavors but the manner in which the ingredients were
sourced.  The ingredients included asparagus and fava beans from the
Torrance Farmer’s Market, both quickly blanched.  The arugula is
from my garden.  I also used a Manchego cheese that far transcends what I
can typically get at the local cheese store.  That is because I acquired
it from secret and probably unknown grocery store called La Espanola
Meats.  A tiny little place in an industrial setting, this family run
business offers the stuff previously only found at restaurants.  Top of
the line groceries imported directly from Spain include a variety of staples
like olive oil, canned fishes, sauces, olives, crackers, and more.  But
the reason to go is the meat.  It used to be illegal to import Jamon
Iberico (think Proscuitto on steroids) but they have it.  Along with a
fantastic Serrano.  They make their own fabulous  meats as well. Try
the chorizo and other sausages.  And the cheese!  A generous
selection of goat,sheep, and cow cheeses of various ages and style, you will
have a hard time choosing.  They have lots of samples, that will
help.  Don’t miss the baguettes, they give them to you warm and
wrapped in paper.  Shopping here is like being in the old country.  I
have only been there once, I can’t wait to go again and try the homemade
Paella they offer on Saturdays. (You have to preorder it.)

I never had fresh fava beans until I moved to California. 
And I certainly never was picking home-grown veggies out of my garden in the
middle of May.  Sure I had asparagus, but it never tasted as sweet as what
is locally available.  And the Ethnic shopping opportunities are
endless.  *Happy Sigh.*


La Espanola Meats

Neighborhood: Harbor City
25020 Doble Ave
Harbor City, CA 90710

(310) 539-0455


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