A Pink’s-like Phenomenon in Vancouver called Japadog

Vancouver has its own take on Pink’s called “Japadog.”  It is a Japanese-owned chain of hotdog carts that appear at certain locations around the city on select days and times during the week.  They have an absolute cult following and the lines to show it.   Anthony Bourdain recently did a feature on them on No Reservations, making the lines even longer. 
Their website is a funny place that introduces itself by saying:
“Our English is very poor. The followings may make mistakes. We are sorry.
” Try to find the section on hours and you will read “We may close about 3 days per month, depending on whether.”  Whether Weather? It is all unclear.  It took us 3 tries over 3 days to locate them when/where they were supposed to be.  But while trying to figure out when and where to find them can be a bit of a challenge (hint: ask a local) they do offer rather unique hot dog options. 

We stood in line in the heat for about 40 minutes, chose 4 dogs, and sat on a nearby parkbench to consume them along with many others.  Their clientele is more local than tourist, and yes, mostly Japanese.   We went with the classic Okonomi (kurabata pork), the Okura (bratwurst), the turkey smokie,  and the veggie.  (They were out of the fish). 

While their big draw is the Kurabata pork with japanese toppings, Scot and I both liked the bratwurst with the Okura (okra) and bonito the best.  Neither of us liked the turkey (too smokie) or the veggie (tasted more like seitan than veggies)  The bratwurst (2nd from left in bottom picture) had a good crunch on it and the lightly pickled/salty okura really paired nicely with it.  We added some wasabi mayo to it, and it was quite tasty.  Not sure if it was worth $6, though

I think in this case pictures speak louder than words:



locations vary; check out website

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