Shoubou_Shoujou, Special Izakaya in Kanazawa, Japan

April, 2018

Shubou Shoujou

Shoubou/Shojou (Translates both ways)

First night in Kanazawa. Had reservations at a special Izakaya where we had to preorder the sashimi platter. Got to hang out with the owner /chef and his wife and eat lots of tasty local food. Highlights included local ama ebi (Sweet shrimp) , but the variety is unique: Gosa Ebi. Smaller but sweeter than Botan Ebi. Nodoguro (served grilled ) is another local fish that is a delicacy in Kanazawa. InEnglish I have seen it called Rosy Bass or Blackthroat Sea perch.It is super buttery and succulent with crispy skin. Another local food it “Fu.” Fu is wheat gluten, known in the US as seitan but wayyy better in texture and flavor. There were also local mushrooms also dense with intense flavor, and just harvested fresh bamboo. Oh yeah lots and lots of Sake pairings, more than what is shown) .  Mr. FoodieTraveler did an excellent job with the Nodogoro – only the eyeballs remained as you will see from the photo.   

Warning, they speak very little English.  Be prepared to point and order or simply request “Omakase”



Restaurant name

Shuboushoujou (酒房 猩猩)

Categories Izakaya (Tavern)

076-222-2246 (+81-76-222-2246)



2-12-15 Korinbo Kanazawa Ishikawa

石川県 金沢市 香林坊 2-12-15 割烹むら井ビル 1F



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