Yamashita Izakaya – Kanazawa, Japan

April 2018

Some of our favorite nights in Japan are the ones where we go into tiny little mom and pop restaurants , sit at the counter, and chat with the chef and customers. This was one of those nights. Yamashita -san (izakaya named for him) besides preparing us amazing food , was engaging and fun. He is not used to having American customers at all yet alone ones who understand and appreciate his cooking. I think he especially appreciated how many orders of Shirako (Cod Sperm) we enjoyed.  They had so many varieties – who could resist?  By the end of the night he was pouring us his best Sake and somehow managed to discuss everything from cooking techniques to Buddhist philosophy. We closed the place:) .


Restaurant name

Yamashita (山下)

Categories Kappo (Traditional Japanese)

050-5890-8577 (+81-50-5890-8577) (For reservation only)

076-223-1461 (+81-76-223-1461) (For inquiry)



2-23-5 Katamachi Kanazawa Ishikawa

石川県 金沢市 片町 2-23-5



899 meters from Nomachi.

Operating Hours


Shop holidays

日曜(月曜が連休の場合は日曜が営業 月曜がお休みになります。)



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