Yumeri Izakaya – Kanazawa, Japan

April 2018

Our last dinner in Japan was the most challenging. I had chosen an Izakaya that was a difficult reservation; 2 months notice and I had to agree in writing I could speak Japanese as no English would be spoken. I hoped that by the end of our trip I would have practiced enough that in conjunction with Google Translate I could pull it off. However, when we sat down I knew we were in trouble as they handed us a handwritten menu and pointed to the chalkboard specials on the wall. Google Translate would be defeated. This was not the kind of restaurant where one can just order “Omakase” and hope for the best. Stalling for time, I ordered a large sashimi platter while I considered our options. As an aside, when the sashimi platter arrived it did have a surprise, something I would not have ordered. My Japanese friends will know from the photo below which item it is. Hint: It looks like beef but is far larger than a cow. In the meantime, I found some reviews for the place in Japanese and was able to translate those well enough to identify their signature dishes and ordered all of those in turn. We enjoyed lotus gratin (yes really) and an amazingly crunchy and creamy chicken croquette along with Fugu Shirako at least 3 different ways. By the end of the night (and a lot of Sake) we had a most delicious evening and great chat with everyone at the restaurant describing Kuishinbo (Foodie) travels through Kanazawa using iphone photos and limited Japanese. It was probably the most delicious dinner of our trip. I will really miss Kanazawa.



Restaurant name

Ajirakuyumeri (味楽 ゆめり)

Categories Izakaya (Tavern), Kappo (Traditional Japanese), Seafood

076-255-3999 (+81-76-255-3999)




1-3-33 Honmachi Kanazawa Ishikawa

石川県 金沢市 本町 1-3-33



410 meters from Hokutetsu Kanazawa.

Operating Hours


Shop holidays




Method of payment Credit Cards Not Accepted

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